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What type of lens should i choose?

Clear Lens -- Those are just regular lens for daily use.

Tinted Lens -- Whether you want a slightly colored lens for indoor use, or dark lens as sunglasses, pick tinted lens. At last step of order process, you will be asked to pick lens darkness (30%, 70% or you can specify percentage in comment field) and tint type (straight tint or graduate tint)

Polarized Lens -- This is a special type of sunlens, which are designed to block strong sun glare. Great for outdoor activities, driving or to protect light sensitive eyes. For more information about polarized lens, click here.

photochromic Lens -- This type of lens will become darker under the sun, and turn into clear lens indoor. If you want something work as both regular glasses and sunglasses, this is your choice. For more information about photochromic lens, click here.