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Types of Prescription Sunglasses

We offer 7 types of prescription sunglasses. To order, just click the links or images below


Fashion Prescription Sunglasses: Those sunglasses look like the fashionable sunglasses worn by movie stars, but their lens are fitted with prescription





Sports Prescription Sunglasses: Those sleekly look sunglasses offers plenty of street attitude, and wrap around design provides ultimate safety, Best of all, they can be fitted with prescription lens. They are perfect for outdoor activities or used as safety glasses.





Safety Prescription Glasses: Those glasses can be used as safety glasses and fitted with prescription lens.





Motorcycle Goggles: Those sunglasses also comes with wrap around design for best protection and can be fitted with RX lens.





Over The Glasses (OTG) Sunglasses: Those sunglasses can be worn over the prescription glasses, as seen on TV.





Magnetic Clip-On Prescription Sunglasses: Unlike regular clip-ons, those glasses have custom designed magnetic clip-ons, which will fit onto the frame seamlessly. People can not tell you are wearing clip-ons without close up inspection.






Tinted Prescription Sunglasses: Pick any frame in our store, select tinted sunlens, polarized lens or photochromic lens as lens option, you will get a prefect pair of sunglasses. We also let you customize tint color, tint darkness and tint type.