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Prescription Lens Selection and Cost

We have the most extensive selection of lenses in the industry. With over 50 different types of lenses to choose from, you can be assured to find the exactly what you need on our website. We can handle difficult prescriptions as well, including extreme high power up to -20.00 and prism

All of our lenses come with Edging/Polishing, UV400 Treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating FREE OF CHARGE!

Standard 1.56 Index Lens: FREE
Standard Tinted Lens: $4.95
Thin 1.61 Index Lens : $17.95
Ultra Thin 1.67 Index Lens : $39.95
Thinnest 1.74 Index Lens : $139.95
Strong "Super Shield" Lens : $12.95
Strongest Polycarbonate Lens : $29.95
Standard Reading Lens : Free
Standard Bi-Focal Lens : $22.95
Standard Progressive Lens: $27.95
"Non Distortion" Wide View Progressive : $89.95
Transition Lens : $39.95
Polarized Lens : $46.95