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Lens tint guideline

The best tint for sunglasses depends on the environmental and lighting conditions you tend to experience during sports.

Yellow or orange tint: Heightens contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports. Filters blue light for sharper focus.

Sports: cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, indoor basketball, handball, racquetball, tennis.

Amber, rose or red tint: Heightens contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions, but causes significant color imbalances.

Sports: cycling, fishing (amber lenses for sandy lake or stream beds), hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, water sports.

Dark amber, copper or brown: Blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies.

Sports: baseball, cycling, fishing (especially in waters with grassy bottoms), golf, hunting, skiing, water sports.

Green (G-15) Heightens contrast (mildly) while preserving color balance.

Sports: baseball, golf.

Grey: Reduces overall brightness while preserving 100 percent normal color recognition.

Sports: all outdoor sports in bright light conditions.