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Q1: What is the background of your website? is the Global Online Optical Store offering most affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses and accessories to our valued customers.

Q2: What is eyeglass prescription and where to get my prescription?
An eyeglass prescription is a pad issued by your eye doctor after an eye exam, specifying all the numbers and signs which may be used for us produce eyeglasses for you.

In USA and some other countries, eye doctors are required by “Eyeglass Rule” to release a copy of your prescription after each eye exam at no extra cost. Please ask your doctor to include the PD which is a critical number for us to fit your lenses.

Q3: Why are your prices so competitive?
Two reasons make our prices so attractive and competitive.
1. We are online optical store which is free from the overhead and expenses incurred in the traditional brick and mortar stores;
2. We purchase lenses, frames and other accessories directly from manufacturers in Asia, and our labs are also overseas.
That is why we are able to pass savings up to 90% to our valued customers at

Q4: Can I use my contact lens prescription to by my eyeglasses from you?
No. Contact lens prescription can be used for buying contacts from your doctor’s office, the local optical stores and online contact lenses retailers. You need a special eyeglass prescription to order eyeglasses from us.

In USA and some other countries, eye doctors are required by “Eyeglass Rule” to release a copy of your prescription after each eye exam at no extra cost. Please ask your doctor to include the PD which is a critical number for us to fit your lenses.

Q5: Can I use the copy of my eyeglass prescription which was issued by my doctor 3 years ago?
No. We strongly suggest you use your eyeglass prescription in the most recent 2 years to order with us. Actually Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) suggest an eye exam each six months or one year to detect any possible eye diseases in the earlier stage.

Prescriptin Eyeglasses Frames

Q1: What frames does your website offer?
We offer hundreds of frame styles, and we are increasing and updating in-stock styles every month. Our frames are private label generic eyeglasses frames which are high quality and trendy, yet can be bought at a low price. Most of our frames are made of plastic, metal alloy, memory metal and titanium, which are light weight, durable and comfortable to wear.

Q2: What frames fit me the best?
It’s all up to your personal likings and dislikings to choose the frames that best fit you. Though it is a tough question to answer, there are mainly three factors you may consider for a wise selection of frames.

1. Your face shape is the first concern. Always choose the frames with the shapes opposite to your face shape, for example, boxy or rectangular frames work well with round faces, and vice versa. You are lucky if your face is oval one, which flatters most of the frames.
2. Skin color is the second consideration. Choose the frames which match your complexion. People with the warm skin tone normally look good in the frames in colors like gold, copper, orange, red and yellow. For people of cold skin tone, frames in black, brown and blue will be good choices.
3. Finally your lifestyle and personality is the major determinant in choosing your frames. You may choose sheerly differentiated eyeglasses for yourself just for different occasions. We strive to enable our valued customers to buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses to create a real eyewear wardrobe.

Q3: What sizes of frames should I choose?
Online optical store doesn’t have the chance guiding you through the try-on process, which is the only drawback for online retailers. Yet it is not so difficult to find a pair of properly-sized eyeglasses. You can look at or measure your old pair of glasses to get the dimension which fits you the best. By having these numbers, you can easily find the closest match in our website.

Prescription Lenses

Q1: What types of lenses do you offer?
We offer most of the high-quality lenses for our budget-conscious customers, you may choose from our variety of lenses to fit your prescription and other purposes. Here are the types of lenses provides, and the basic add-ons for the lenses. For the consideration of the total cost, we do not provide the lenses above index 1.67.

Standard index 1.5 lenses
Standard index 1.5 lenses are the basic CR-39 lenses, come with anti-scratch hard coating, and are shatter-resistant, suitable for spherical power +/- 2.00 or below, and cylindrical power +/- 1.50 or below.

Index 1.57 spherical lenses
Index 1.57 spherical lenses are with anti-scratch hard coating. This higher index lens greatly reduces the thickness of the lens edge. This is suitable for spherical power of +/- 4.00 or below with cylindrical power +/- 2.00 or below.

Index 1.57 aspherical lenses
Index 1.57 aspherical lenses are even thinner and lighter than 1.57 spherical lenses. These lenses come with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating, greatly reducing the image distortion, suitable for spherical power of +/- 4.00 or below, and cylindrical power of +/- 2.00 or below.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Polycarbonate lenses (PC lenses) are 10 times more impact-resistant, lighter and thinner than normal plastic lenses (Resin lenses). They can also offer 100 percent UV protection and scratch protection, which make polycarbonate lenses the best lens option for children's glasses and safety glasses, as well as for any rimless glasses of adults. PC lenses are only available for single vision glasses with no access to add the extra tint and photochromic color.

Super thin index 1.60 lenses
Super thin index 1.60 lenses are the high index lenses which are suitable for wearers with spherical power of +/- 6.75 or below, and with cylindrical power of +/- 3.00 or below.

Ultra thin index 1.67 lenses
Ultra thin index 1.67 lenses are thinner and lighter than lenses of index 1.60, and are most suitable for those with spherical power above +/- 7.00 and cylindrical power of +/- 4.00 or below.

As thin as possible index 1.74 lenses
As thin as possible index 1.74 lenses are the highest index materials which are used primarily for the strongest prescriptions, greatly minimizing the thickness and weight of lenses. They are suitable for wears with spherical power above +/-8.00 and cylindrical power from+/-4.00 to +/-5.00. Additionally, the higher the prescription is, the more evident an effect will be, in the light of reducing the thickness and adding outstanding comfort.

Polarized lenses
Polarized lenses contain layers of special filter which will block intense reflected light and terminate the harmful glare from a horizontal orientation. With those polarized layers, light will be filter into one direction so that we will be offered better vision in a higher contrast. Polarized lenses definitely are your best company when enjoying your life outdoors, enhancing experiences of boating, skating, mountain biking and driving. We currently use the CR39 1.50 index lenses for fitting polarized sunglasses or polarized prescription sunglasses. The color of the polarized lens is G-15(Grey green).

Q2: What coatings and add-ons do your offer for your lenses?
We offer most of the add-ons and coatings for the lenses, here are the details:

All our lenses come with anti-scratch hard coating to avoid lenses being easily scratched, ensuring vision clarity and durability.

Anti-reflective coating reduces the reflection of light, enhances the light transmission through the lenses, is particularly good in driving and long time work in front of computers, and is also good for wearers’ aesthetic appearance by removing the reflection on the lenses when you are taking pictures. Anti-radiation coating blocks harmful radiations from different sources.

UV coating
The UV coating is added with a great beneficial purpose that can reflect harmful UVB and UVA rays in the sunlight (Overexposing to the ultraviolet light will increase the risk of getting cataract ,retinal damage and other eye problems). Adding this coating will not change the appearance of the lenses.

Tint is the permanent colors added to your lenses, making your eyeglasses a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Gradient tint
Gradient tint is a type of tint that starts off darker at the top and then gradually fades to either a very light tint at the bottom or even a clear at the bottom. This tint improves on protecting our eyes from glare and intensive light from above, while letting the bottom portion be clear for easily up-close reading in more natural light. Not just adding a fashion element to the lens, gradient tint is pragmatically working great for driving .Gradient tin, your perfect options for sunglasses, aesthetically and functionally.

Photochromic lens darkens when exposed to the sunlight, and resumes clear when wearer is indoors. This option makes your eyeglasses a perfect pair of prescription sunglasses while outdoors.

Q3: Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?
Yes, we do process bifocal lenses and progressive lenses. You may start by select the proper frame for making bifocal or progressive lenses first and then input your prescription as requested.

Q4: Do you have prism lenses?
Yes, we provide prism lenses.


Q1: How can I change or cancel the order?
Eyeglasses are custom-made products, so if you want to change the order, you must send us the details of the changes within the 24 hours of your ordering from us. After the first 24 hours, the order can not be changed as it is already in the stage of production.

For the order that can not be changed, we will start producing a new pair of eyewear based on your changed details, and it will count as your one-time return or exchange. You will lose the chance of further return or exchange in the future.

You can not cancel the order after the initial 24 hours if the order is already in the process of fitting. Should the customer choose to directly receive refund at this stage, please contact our staff for exact cost incurred by us and we will charge you for that cost.

For any change or cancellation concerning your order, we will send any acknowledgement email to you. In case you do not receive any email from us, please contact our staff at without delay.

Q2: How can I do if the eyeglasses I receive from you need adjustment?
We feel sorry that we, as an online optical store, can not offer the service of frame adjustments for you. But no worry! You may go to your local opticians you bought your last pair of eyeglasses, and in most of the cases, they will feel happy to help and adjust for you at no charge.


Q1: What kind of payment methods do you offer?
We accept most of the credit cards such as Master, Visa, American Express, etc. We also accept Paypal. But we do not accept check and money order currently.

Q2: Is your payment environment secure?
Yes, it is secure. You only enter your information in the secure webpage. We use the renowned payment gateway service in US.