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Free Form

Free Form progressives use an exciting new technology called REAR SURFACE, which enables us to customize the lens design for individual prescriptions and various frame compositions comparative to the limitations of traditional lens manufacturing which can only be tailored for a broad categories of wearers.

This technique originates by deciding on an ideal or target optical performance for the lens design for the given prescription. The actual optical performance can then be determined using computer ray tracing and lens-eye modeling, finally complex state-of-the-art computer generated algorithms map out the surface of the lens to achieve an optimized optical performance by minimizing the differences between the target optical performance of the design and the actual optical performance.


Free Form Progressive Lens will ensure the widest fields of vision in comparison to traditional progressive lens manufacturing, as much as 50% larger viewing zones will be achieved with a Rear Surface progressive, this is illustrated in the picture below:

REAR SURFACE Varifocals are about to revolutionize the eyewear industry as they will give clearer, wider fields of vision.

To order free form progressive lenses with us, please select the frame you like first, fill out the prescription by following the step by step instructions, then you can choose the lenses you like.