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Adjust Your Eyeglasses Frame

Before we ship out glasses, we adjust every pair to ensure it is well balanced and easy to wear. However, since we do not see our customers face to face, it is possible that the frame need further adjustments when you receive them. The following are some tips on how to adjust your frame to fit you.

The arms on your glasses can be molded to fit better around your ears. The can be widened or tightened to more comfortably fit your head.

Another adjustment you can make is to the nose pad. You can push them in, to marrow them, making the glasses sit higher on the bridge of your nose.

Likewise you may push them out to allow for a wider opening and a lower position on your nose.

Adjustment for progressive and bifocal glasses

The adjustment to your nose pad is especially important if you are wearing progressive or bifocal glasses. Those glasses have 2 zones on the lens, the distance zone and reading zone. The position of reading zone is critical. If it is too high or too low, your vision will be interfered. We recommend you take following adjustment if the position of your reading zone is not right:

  1. if you find the reading zone is too low, push the nose pads slightly to raise the eyeglasses
  2. if you find the reading zone is too high, pus the nose pads apart slightly to lower the eyeglasses.